Carolina Photos
Running Time: 9:48
Paramount's Carowinds
Running Time: 5:46
Carolina Photos: This movie is full of photos I've taken throughout the Carolinas. 
Paramount's Carowinds: Here's a movie I shot during a visit to Carowinds, which is a theme park on the border between North Carolina and South Carolina
In Memory of Minnie Lee Battle
Running Time: 12:01
In Memory of Minnie Lee Battle: This is a video of my best friend ever, Minnie Battle. Minnie and I lived together for over 15 years.  She was my family for a long time.  I miss her.

An Undersea Adventure in Atlanta: Here's a video I made of the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta
An Undersea Adventure in Atlanta
Running Time: 9:46
At the Top of the Gateway Arch
Running Time: 4:11
At the Top of the Gateway Arch: Here's a video I shot from the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.
A Blue Ridge Autumn
A Blue Ridge Autumn: The peak of the leaf watching season is a popular event in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Snow Night
Running Time: 1:00
Snow Night: I shot this video from the back door of my house in Rock Hill, SC. 
A Dreary Day on Grandfather Mountain
Running Time: 5:09
A Dreary Day on Grandfather Mountain: The purpose of this trip was to leaf watch around Grandfather Mountain. Weather bad.  Mission failed.  ... but it was fun anyway.
Yellowstone National Park
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
Running Time: 5:42
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden: Favorite photos taken at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, North Carolina.
Running Time: 9:48
Favorite Photos
Favorite Photos: This slideshow has some of my favorites of the photos I've taken.  Music by Mozart.
Running Time: 43:32
Highway Hailstorm
Running Time: 1:41
Highway Hailstorm: One evening on the way home from work I was caught in a terrible hailstorm that caused $6,500 in damage to my car.  This video shows 4 minutes of the storm that went on well over ten minutes.  Instead of pulling over, I continue down the highway to find a bridge or some other shelter.  Well, as you'll see at the end, I found shelter, but there was no room for me.
Snowy Drive
Running Time: 3:45
Snowy Drive: A snowstorm came up all of a sudden as I was driving through Rock Hill, SC on I-77.  I turned on my dash cam to record some of it.  The snowflakes were huge!  You may notice that at the beginning of the video you can see grass on the side of the road.  By the end of the video the snow covers the grass.
Fearless Squirrel
Running Time: 1:03
Fearless Squirrel: The squirrels at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona are not shy.  They come right up to you and try to steal food from you.  If you're caught feeding them, you can be fined and ejected from the park.
The Grand Canyon
Running Time: 0:30
The Grand Canyon: A quick shot of the Grand Canyon with my cellphone video camera.
High Shoals Waterfall
Running Time: 0:53
High Shoals Waterfall: The High Shoals Waterfall is located at the South Mountains State Park in Connelly Springs, North Carolina.  To see the waterfall one must hike deep into the woods up the mountain trail.
Hollywild Animal Park
Running Time: 4:54
Hollywild Animal Park: The Hollywild Animal Park is located in Wellford, South Carolina.  It's home to all types of animals, many of which have been featured in movies, music videos, commercials, and other productions.
Brattonsville, SC
Brattonsville, South Carolina: In Brattonsville (which is really McConnell, SC) old times are brought back to life by actors, ancient buildings, and period costumes.
Running Time: 15:00
Snow at the Campground
Snow at the Campground: My first time camping in the snow was on January 17, 2018.  This is a video I shot when the snow began to fall that morning.
Running Time: 0:33
Lake Wateree in 360
Lake Wateree in 360: Campsite #9 at Lake Wateree State Park in Waxhaw, SC in 360!
Running Time: 6:54
Running Time: 3:41
Yellowstone National Park: Various thermal features at Yellowstone National Park.
Momma Moose
Momma Moose: In Denali National Park in Alaska

Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska
Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska: Relax and enjoy this moving picture.
Running Time: 4:31
Alaska Railroad
Running Time: 1:32
Alaska Railroad: Here's a ride on the Alaska Railroad as the train passes Bartlett Glacier.

Running Time: 0:32